Professional Alternative Dispute Resolution

Tarlow Stonecipher Weamer & Kelly, PLLC offers an experienced and professionally trained mediator and arbitrator for any alternative dispute resolution needs.

Buzz Tarlow has been involved in the field of alternative dispute resolution for more than two decades as counsel to parties in mediations and arbitrations, and as both a meditator and an arbitrator in cases involving construction disputes, as well as business, real estate, employment and personal injury cases.

He regularly acts as a mediator and arbitrator in construction disputes, as well as other types of disputes,and is a member of the National Construction Panel of Arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association, the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


Buzz is a member of the National Construction Panel of Arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association and has been appointed to the AAA National Roster of Mediators. He has also presented to the AAA regarding ethics in mediation.

Thomson Reuters has selected Buzz as a Super Lawyer in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

He is the only elected member of the American College of Construction Lawyers practicing in the state of Montana, and has presented to the College on mediation ethics and procedural issues arising in multi-party arbitrations.

Buzz is the founder of the Montana State Bar Construction Law Section and the Montana Construction Law Institute (an annual construction law conference sponsored by the State Bar of Montana). He has presented at the Construction Law Institute, as well as at many state wide and national construction law programs. Buzz is an adjunct professor in the College of Engineering at Montana State University. He has held a variety of national leadership positions in the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law including the chair of the Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Section of that organization. Buzz is also the creator and host of the ABA’s podcast, Construction Law Today.

Process and Philosophy

Mediations and arbitrations can be arranged both through the American Arbitration Association and directly through our office.

Buzz has created and developed numerous form documents relating to alternative dispute resolution including mediation agreements, mediation/arbitration agreements, and arbitration agreements. These documents are available for the review and use by all parties in any mediation or arbitration through our office. They can also be modified to meet the specific needs of the parties.

Buzz’s philosophy in handling cases in mediation or arbitration is based, simply put, on two goals.

The first goal is to make the alternative dispute resolution process fit the needs and desires of the parties. There are many, many ways to structure mediations and arbitrations. The best way is whatever way that parties want; because it is their dispute to resolve. Every mediation and arbitration will be custom-tailored to fit the parties’ needs and their particular dispute.

The second goal is efficiency. Efficiency means meeting the parties needs with speed, economy and fairness. It is a fundamental concept that the alternative dispute resolution process should be faster, easier, and cheaper than traditional adjudication in the courts. Buzz uses phone conferences, detailed schedules and expedited proceedings to move the process toward prompt resolution.


The firm has two fully wired conference rooms that can accommodate small-to-medium sized groups for a variety of functions including mediations, arbitrations, and meetings. To learn more about our mediation and arbitration services, or the rental of our facilities please contact our ADR Coordinator Jenna Moseman at (406) 586-9714.

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